Friends, good news!

We began to cooperate with Pride Games Studio - we had an opportunity to carry out a large-scale revision of the project.

What does it mean?
In the coming days, the distribution of versions in social networks and other sites where the game is hosted will be suspended. Similarly, the possibility of buying a game on Steam and on mobile platforms will be closed.
Within a few months the game will be actively updated, and soon will launch Beta a new version of Slash Arena.

And you can still play?
Everyone who installed the game on android and bought in the Steam, will be able to continue to play. At least a month the main servers will work.
Full support for users for this period of time is not expected, but the most critical problems we will try to solve.

What will happen with progress?
Balance, the economy will be changed, so when the new version is released, the progress will be reset.
Don't worry!
All old players will receive compensation in the form of a unique starting pack.